About Us

About Vehicle Duniya

Vehicle Duniya.com is a part of “Mobidiscover Digital Media” based in India. Vehicle Duniya is established in the year 2017, Vehicle Duniya Provides online and physical auction platform to the automobile market that allows partners to buy and sell pre-owned vehicles in a hassle-free manner. Vehicle Duniya is an ISO 9001:2015/19 certified company. We conduct a physical and online auction of pre-owned vehicles and serving more than 100K clients all over India. We’re one of the fastest-growing vehicle auction company dealing in all categories of Vehicles(commercial vehicles, cars, 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, tractors, construction equipment, etc.). Vehicle Duniya is a real Duniya of vehicles that offers you a broad range of vehicles to buy and a broad platform to sell your used vehicles. We are associated with several BFSI, NBFC and Insurance organizations of the relevant sector. Company Offer Platform / Services to C2C, B2C, and B2B Segment.

Why Vehicle Duniya?
Vehicle Duniya has specific qualities that make us different from others. We provide 24/7 Monitoring, Management and Maintenance of Inventory.

Professional Team
Vehicle Duniya has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals of the auto industry. Our professional team is expert in providing the best customer experience. Here, you’ll get instant solutions for all your queries.

Wide Range of Vehicles
Vehicle Duniya has a wide range of vehicles as we are associated with almost all premium Partners in India. We provide the best online and physical auction process for buying and selling used vehicles at reasonable prices.

Hassle-free Auction
Vehicle Duniya provides easy and user-friendly online and physical auction. Here, you can sell or buy your vehicles through an offline auction process or you can switch for online auction process on the internet.

Investors and Shareholders
Vehicle Duniya is a well-established company in the auto industry that deals in buying and selling of used vehicles. The company is continuously moving forward towards its expansion and planning to explore the overseas market as well. Vehicle Duniya is committed towards its investors and shareholders to cover the broad market in the auto sector.